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Scrypt: Invoice Coding and Payment Processing

Reduce manual processes with direct integration with your business system of records, ERPs, CRMs, and eSign solutions.

AI Data Capture

Leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence, the Scrypt platform delivers fast, zero-touch document processing. Scrypt seamlessly integrates with CheckAlt's deposit and payment imaging solutions as well as third-party ERPs and eSign products.

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Composable Analytics, Inc. has partnered with CheckAlt to deliver an industry first fully-integrated machine learning billing and payments system.

Businesses can achieve true digital transformation and expense savings by leveraging cognitive automation and intelligent augmentation for high-volume document processing.

Financial institutions can now utilize Scrypt with CheckAlt's solutions to streamline billing and payments. Full automatic accounting and reconciliation of accounts are streamlined while reducing tasks and errors.

Scrypt uses a composable machine learning and AI engine to process documents and extract information automatically. No up-front annotations, templating, or configurations are needed, as the system learns from historical data and ongoing extracts. The onboarding process includes training Scrypt on your historical data and, where appropriate, integrating Scrypt with your existing system of records.


Here are the three simple steps to get started with Scrypt:

1. Work with our Solutions Partners at CheckAlt to begin onboarding.

2. CheckAlt works with you to implement an end-to-end intelligent automation solution.

3. Begin reducing paper workloads and digitally transform your business processes.

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Once we receive your form, we will follow up to understand your business requirements around data orchestration, automation and analytics. Composable will work with your team to implement an end-to-end intelligent data operations solution that integrates with your firms existing systems and delivers enterprise scale analytics.