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Quantum Discoveries and Composable Analytics

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Quantum Discoveries and Composable Analytics

Businesses that harvest Big Data to solve previously impossible challenges have emerged as leaders in a highly competitive and evolving global economy. Over the past few years, the amount of data generated by consumers and sensors has exploded. Harnessing the right insights from this data generates enormous competitive advantage. Most data-driven analysis to date has capitalized on the sheer volume of data, the opportunity today is in joining disparate data sets from a variety of sources, to generate actionable insights and additional value. Analytics on truly Big Data, data sets that are great in volume and great variety and generated at high velocity, is challenging, as the data environment is extremely chaotic. There’s no “one size fits all” concept in Big Data, as data is stored in a variety of formats, with different underlying data store, analysis and visualization technologies. When needs arise for cross-cutting analysis or for analytical methods not supplied by any one individual system, the overall analytical process is severely limited. Organizations that successfully overcome this “variety challenge,” are positioned to be game-changers. Much like the blending of data sources to generate new value, the blending of expertise through partnerships and collaborations to execute on new use cases, appears to be the most effective approach.

One such collaboration taking shape is between an early-stage advanced data science startup out of MIT with a new mineral discovery company, Quantum Discoveries (formerly QPX). The goal is extremely ambitious: discover world class mineral deposits by fusing domain experts (e.g., geoscientists) with machines (e.g., Artificial Intelligence) through a disciplined, data-driven, decision making platform to significantly improve the rate of success to find large mineral deposits.

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