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Composable Consulting

We help our clients create value by injecting data-driven methodology into core business processes.

Big Data Analytics
We know how to develop data analytic workflows, based on advanced data science and machine learning, that deliver new data products, visualizations and intelligent applications supporting business operations.
Master Data Management
We recognize that businesses need to synchronize all of their internal and external data and have a single point of reference. We use advanced analytics to define, model, manage and master data, connect and enrich data, and power data-driven applications and decision support systems.
Data Integration
We understand data integration and deploy solutions built with modern, intuitive dataflows that automate and simplify what are typically manual, complicated data engineering and data plumbing workflows. We help businesses evolve their data integration infrastructure with flexible, powerful and agile tools for data provisioning, orchestration and ETL.
Enterprise Data Management
We are experts at architecting and implementing enterprise data management solutions and executing data warehouse modernizations. We help businesses transform their conventional data warehouses into modern composable infrastructure that supports current big data requirements for large volumes, high variety and high velocity data and business requirements for dynamic, ad hoc analytics.

Composable Analytics retains exceptional staff that serve as technical consultants and forward-deployed engineers. Our recent successful engagements, spanning such varied industries as defense & aerospace, public health and the oil & gas sectors, has sharpened our core data consulting methodology.

We are able to execute on short-term projects or complete large-scale projects others may deem too big or too complex, by building a cohesive data strategy and overall, oftentimes reusable, technology solutions. We are able to integrate existing systems, traditional and emerging data sources, and introduce new technologies and analytics to help organizations rapidly create new processes and systems.

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