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General Availability of Composable Enterprise 2.0

The Industry’s Leading Intelligent DataOps Platform that Radically Transforms Enterprise Data Management

Composable Analytics, Inc., a global technology company that builds innovative DataOps products and solutions, today announced general availability of Composable Enterprise 2.0, the next generation system known for enterprise-level digital transformation. Now available as an on-premises solution, and available in 11 AWS Regions worldwide (including North & South America, Europe and Asia Pacific) as well as 38 Microsoft Azure regions, Composable Enterprise helps companies radically transform their data management strategy.

“Our mission from day one has been to give enterprises the power to intelligently consume, manage, explore and harness massive amounts of data,” said Andy Vidan, CEO of Composable Analytics, Inc. “Enterprises can now use a transformational tool for end-to-end DataOps and quickly become digital masters, efficiently connecting the dots between their data sets to rapidly generate new business insights. Composable Enterprise 2.0 will allow these enterprises to gain data efficiencies and agility.”

Composable Enterprise has gained adoption and traction across a number of sectors, including financial services, insurance, oil & gas, telecommunications and public sector.

“Composable Enterprise 2.0 represents a powerful platform for big data orchestration, automation and analytics,” said Lars Fiedler, CTO of Composable Analytics, Inc. “We are excited to release a technology platform that enables a sophisticated data strategy for any application in any business while satisfying a continuously-evolving, complex collection of data sources, services and applications.”

About Composable Analytics

Composable Analytics, Inc. builds software that enables enterprises to rapidly adopt a modern data strategy and robustly manage unlimited amounts of data. Composable DataOps Platform, a full-stack analytics platform with built-in services for data orchestration, automation and analytics, accelerates data engineering, preparation and analysis. Built with a composable architecture that enables abstraction and integration of any software or analytical approach, Composable DataOps Platform serves as a coherent analytics ecosystem for business users that want to architect data intelligence solutions that leverage disparate data sources, live feeds, and event data regardless of the amount, format or structure of the data. Composable Analytics, Inc. is a rapidly growing data intelligence start-up founded by a team of MIT technologists and entrepreneurs.