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Gartner selects Composable as DataOps Cool Vendor

DataOps, a collaborative data management practice that allows organizations to truly operationalize their data assets, requires a broad set of tools and technologies to achieve data management mastery. Composable, the industry leading Intelligent DataOps platform, provides a comprehensive solution for data operations that enables organizations to rapidly build robust data-intensive applications.

Gartner selected Composable as a Cool Vendor in DataOps in their October 2020 report. The report explains that:

DataOps has emerged as a concept to deliver data to consumers faster, with more resiliency and predictability. Data and analytics leaders implementing DataOps may need to embrace new data management solutions to drive collaboration, knowledge sharing and data availability.

The report was authored by Gartner Analysts Nick Heudecker, Ankush Jain, Saul Judah, Austin Kronz, Robert Thanaraj, and Divya Radhakrishnan.

In the report, Composable was cited for serving as a “cohesive framework for DataOps and as a middleware for data operations or business operations.” Key features listed included “automatic detection of live schema changes” and “embedding ML or analytics on the fly to build data intensive applications.”

You can read the full Gartner Cool Vendors in DataOps report here.