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Composable DataOps Platform

Empower your data professionals

Reduce Operational Complexity and Leverage Big Data Architectures

Composable DataOps Platform offers attractive licensing and deployment options, supporting small, medium and large businesses as well as the world's largest organizations.

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Composable DataOps Platform is a full-stack intelligent data operations platform with built-in services for data orchestration, automation and analytics. It accelerates data engineering, preparation and analysis.

Composable is built as a modern, native cloud application, with a highly scalable – composable – architecture.

The platform is available in three editions, based on the deployment model.

Benefits of using Composable:

  • Multiple Deployment Options spanning public/private cloud, edge and on-premises
  • Attractive, per-instance or per-core pricing model lowers cost and removes burden of per-user planning
  • Support and On-Site Training available regularly by technical engineers

Editions & Deployment

Composable Enterprise

Composable Enterprise is available as an on-premise solution or as a managed cloud instance for the enterprise. With no third-party dependencies required, Composable can be deployed behind the corporate firewall or even on air-gapped, physically isolated servers.

Our dedicated DevOps and Dataflow Engineers can handle all system administration, configuration and DevOps processes, including software installation and configuration, operations and support, and all network, firewall, and security rules.

Composable Cloud

Composable Cloud is available on all three major public clouds, including Azure, AWS and Google Cloud Platform. A self-service option is available on the AWS Marketplace and the Azure Marketplace where you can launch and begin to use your own Composable Cloud instance immediately.

Composable is a native cloud application, optimized for a cloud computing architecture. The platform can be deployed on an existing cloud infrastructure, configured for multi-machine and scale-out deployments. On the cloud, Composable can be scaled vertically by simply adding more compute and storage nodes, and scaled horizontally by adding multiple resources to an existing compute node.

Composable Edge

For tactical edge applications, requiring just-in-time analytics, Composable can be configured and deployed to optimize the minimal compute and storage resources available.

Please consult with us at support@composable.ai or fill out the form below for further information on Composable deployments.

Launch in the Cloud

Transform your enterprise into a digital leader in minutes, powered by scalable, secure DataOps in the cloud

DataOps for academia and non-profits

Fully-hosted solutions with no licensing fees are available to eligible organizations. Please contact us directly for more information.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Once we receive your form, we will follow up to understand your business requirements around data orchestration, automation and analytics. Composable will work with your team to implement an end-to-end intelligent data operations solution that integrates with your firms existing systems and delivers enterprise scale analytics.

    About Composable Analytics, Inc.

    Composable Analytics, Inc. builds software that enables enterprises to rapidly adopt a modern data strategy and robustly manage unlimited amounts of data. Composable DataOps Platform, a full-stack analytics platform with built-in services for data orchestration, automation and analytics, accelerates data engineering, preparation and analysis. Built with a composable architecture that enables abstraction and integration of any software or analytical approach, Composable serves as a coherent analytics ecosystem for business users that want to architect data intelligence solutions that leverage disparate data sources, live feeds, and event data regardless of the amount, format or structure of the data. Composable Analytics, Inc. is a rapidly growing data intelligence start-up founded by a team of MIT technologists and entrepreneurs. For more information, visit composable.ai.