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Information Technology

Information Technology is generally considered the generator of Big Data. However, it is one of the sectors that can most benefit a data-driven process to automate many of the tasks required to operating major IT infrastructure.

From analyzing machine-generated data and log files to provisioning instances of Virtual Machines (VMs) to automating script configuration changes, Composable provides a simple yet powerful approach to distributed data orchestration, management and processing.


Helping consumers manage risk is at the core of the Insurance sector. Through new approaches in marketing and underwriting to new programs and product offerings that generate growth and profitability, insurance carriers and providers are now implementing data-driven methodologies to their existing business processes, and using analytics across the business.

Disparate data sources, when correlated and fused together, can provide value by helping carriers better determine how to redistribute various types of risk, how to create new products, how to increase sales through targeting marketing campaigns and how to measure and optimize the impact of variables across each business process.

Composable has demonstrated, through engagements with leading insurance providers, that a single, cohesive ecosystem for analytics can significantly improve new product time to launch, sales and profitability.

From analyzing machine-generated data and log files to provisioning instances of Virtual Machines (VMs) to automating script configuration changes, Composable provides a simple yet powerful approach to distributed data orchestration, management and processing.

Telecommunication Services

The data deluge has certainly hit the Telecommunication sector, where communications service providers process millions of records per second as they provide access to landline, wireless, and satellite services for Voice and Internet/Web services. Deep analytics of this data can provide deep insights into real-, or near-real-, time usage patterns, providing immeasurable value.

Composable provides a high performance, flexible data analytics platform that is scalable, secure and highly reliable, ideal for telecommunications operations, marketing and business analysts. Composable users can discover and develop solutions for enterprise data analysis without the need to learn new programming languages or parallel computing. Furthermore, with no monolithic data model or warehouse requirement, users can analyze multi-faceted data formats and sources all within a single cohesive analytics platform.

Life Sciences and Healthcare

The Life Sciences and Healthcare industries are rapidly transforming. Today, researchers, clinicians and healthcare administrators have to embrace data-driven decision-making. Composable Enterprise can connect all disparate data sources into a single cohesive analytics platform, creating value for the end-users. Public Health officials can use the platform to look across disparate healthcare systems to understand relevant information provided by the federal, state, or local communities. Hospital administrators, insurance providers and other relevant stakeholders can improve clinical care by using data-driven approaches, and can manage the data processing, such as electronic health records or claims processing, all within one platform.

Financial Services

Harnessing insights directly from big data can provide significant competitive advantage. This is especially true in the Financial Services sector, where firms need to correlate traditional data sources (e.g., Lending, Markets, Risk Data, Compliance Data, etc.) with emerging sources of information (e.g., network and server logs, customer sentiment, etc.). With the self-service, turn-key platform that simplifies and automates Big Data analysis, financial firms can now harness that power of big data analytics without the need for large capital investments in new personnel or infrastructure.


Big data has already demonstrated value in the Energy Sector, by enabled expanded lifecycle of operational assets, significant cost reductions and improved service performance. Today, smart sensors and instrumentation are further increasing the amount of data available to Oil, Gas, Solar and other energy providers, with big data analytics potentially improving production by 5% to 10%.

Composable’s agile, extensible data provisioning, orchestration and analytics platform can enable intelligent ingestion and processing of all existing and emerging data sources, correlate them with other traditional data sources (e.g., market data) and provide actionable intelligence.

Defense & Security

With decades of experience working within the Aerospace, Defense and Security sector, the Composable team is acutely aware of the importance of generating (near)-real-time actionable intelligence from data. Multi-INT data fusion has been hallmark of defense, security and intelligence analysis, and has now been taken to a new extreme with the advent of ubiquitous sensing.

Composable has been operationalized in a number of DoD, DHS and Public Health settings. Intelligent Composable DataOps and decision support now enables decision-makers as they colect and interpret information  and correlate multiple data streams.


Marketing Analytics has already transformed the advertising industry by providing actionable intelligence from consumer data to enable intelligent, targeted and personalized ads.

Composable DataOps Platform can provide value through programmatic orchestration of connected data platforms and services, in a single, self-service platform for marketing and business analysts.

Customer Intelligence

With the ability to mine deep web activity and gather information, Composable DataOps Platform, as a single cohesive data orchestration and analytics platform, can connect businesses to clients by the thousands, enabled through data ingestion, filtering, cleansing, and enrichment of multiple, unique, untapped sources.

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