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DataOps Community

Composable Analytics, Inc. and its staff regularly organize and sponsor community-driven events around the Greater Boston Area.

DataOps Innovation Meetup

The DataOps Innovation meetup is open to all data professionals interested in learning about and improving best practices as they relate to operationalizing data-driven capabilities at scale. (Data professionals are software developers, data engineers, data scientists, analysts, IT and business users who are responsible for delivering and leveraging data products at their organization.) The meetup hosts regular seminars, events and social gatherings across Cambridge and the Greater Boston area.


Cambridge Dataflow Analytics Meetup

The Cambridge Dataflow Analytics Meetup consists of analysts, developers, IT pros, and hackers that are interested in using dataflow-based technologies to solve big data problems and automate business processes.




If you are in the Greater Boston Area, we encourage you to become a member and join us at our next scheduled meetup to learn about new analytics technology with fellow data scientists, hackers and entrepreneurs from the greater Boston area.

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