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DataOps Community

DataOps is now being recognized by enterprises as the key to producing reliable and robust data-driven intelligent products. As an industry leader in this space, Composable is committed to building a community around DataOps. Composable staff regularly organize and sponsor summits, technical sessions and other community-driven events.

Our meetups host regular seminars, events and social gatherings and are for data professionals interested in how to take AI, Data Science, Data Mining, Data Engineering, and Big Data Analytics into production.

We encourage you to become a member and join us at our next scheduled meetup to learn about new analytics technology with fellow data scientists, hackers and entrepreneurs.


DataOps Innovation

Open to all data professionals interested in learning about and improving best practices as they relate to operationalizing data-driven capabilities at scale.


Bay Area DataOps

Discuss how companies are solving the infrastructure and analytical challenges in operationalizing big data workloads (Machine Learning, ETL, and ad-hoc analytics).