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Insights Engine for Customer 360

Organizations now know that it is not only possible, but necessary, to attain a complete 360-degree view of their customers if they are to remain competitive in their lines of business. Data from both internal company-customer touch points and external data sources can be captured, curated and analyzed to achieve immense value for sales, marketing, customer services, and other business objectives.

To generate a truly 360-degree view of the customer, multiple data sources need to be leveraged for relevant information. These sources, ranging from social media feeds to dynamic web content to clickstream data to geolocation services to internal enterprise data warehouses, typically embody the usual characteristics of big data: volume, variety and velocity. The sheer volume of the available data can be massive or nearly unlimited; the data variety, both in format and structure, can be significant; and the data velocity may be streaming at a high throughput. Therefore, though realistic, achieving a truly 360-degree customer view can be difficult without the right data tools. Composable provides a coherent analytics platform with built-in services and capabilities to simplify and automate big data analysis and effectively allow an organization to build customer intelligence solutions.

Adaptive Cross-Sale Marketing with Composable

Customer Experience: Oil & Gas Sector

In late 2014, Composable Analytics, Inc. began working with a privately-held Oil & Gas company based in the Midwest. The customer was seeking to acquire the mineral rights, oil royalties or gas royalties from individual owners. To do so, the customer needed to define a model of a prospective target, identify these targets, and engage with those owners that are most likely to sell their rights or royalties in areas of greatest economic value to the customer.

Using Composable DataOps Platform, with its powerful data ingestion, processing, enrichment and distribution architecture, the client was able to build an advanced Customer Data Platform that leverages a variety of data sources and serve as a full customer intelligence solutions. Composable was tuned to ingest and curate data on individual consumer information, demographic data, life and social events, and both historical and real-time market data. The data was synthesized to generate a complete 360-degree view of prospective targets and synced to with the customers call center CRM and VoIP solutions to fully automated the call center operations.

Specifically, Composable was able to:

  • Crawl the web to extract relevant information and build entities of people; web mining of information from various structured and unstructured data sources was performed, including text extraction from pdf documents.
  • Integrate with third-party web services and data brokers and to access historical and real-time information; services utilized included LexisNexis, DrillingInfo.com, USPS, among others.
  • Synthesize acquired data, connecting the dots between the various sources to disambiguate persons/entities; applying analytics and matching algorithms to analyze and score, based on the generated profile, each person’s likelihood to sell their rights or royalties.
  • Integration with both custom-built and SaaS CRM solutions, including Salesforce and SugarCRM, and Hosted VoIP solutions to orchestrate data flow across the call center.

Business Value in Practice

Composable DataOps Platform served as a framework for an advanced Cutomer Data Platform that increased the operating efficiency of the customer call center by serving as a single coherent analytics ecosystem spanning data collection, orchestration and automation.

Several metrics demonstrating the unprecedented value achieved include:

  • 5x Improved Effi­ciency of data processing: call center agents making 5x more calls on average given better curated data
  • 30x Data Availability: Entities extracted and generated in days, not months
  • 2x Improved Close Rate: Call center experienced 4% acceptance rate on calls made by agents compared to 1%-2% previously;
  • 10x Increased Revenue: Call center now employing 10x more agents due to high-availability, high-quality data

About Composable Analytics, Inc.

Composable Analytics, Inc. builds software that enables enterprises to rapidly adopt a modern data strategy and robustly manage unlimited amounts of data. Composable DataOps Platform, a full-stack analytics platform with built-in services for data orchestration, automation and analytics, accelerates data engineering, preparation and analysis. Built with a composable architecture that enables abstraction and integration of any software or analytical approach, Composable serves as a coherent analytics ecosystem for business users that want to architect data intelligence solutions that leverage disparate data sources, live feeds, and event data regardless of the amount, format or structure of the data. Composable Analytics, Inc. is a rapidly growing data intelligence start-up founded by a team of MIT technologists and entrepreneurs. For more information, visit composable.ai.