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Full-Stack, Intelligent DataOps Platform

Reduce complexity and improve efficiency

Capture value from data and analytics with a full-stack data operations platform

Composable Enterprise is a full-stack intelligent dataops platform with built-in services for data orchestration, automation and analytics. It accelerates data engineering, preparation and analysis.

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Composable Enterprise is a data operations platform for discovering data and applications, creating new methods, algorithms and rules, and collaborating through the sharing of data, results, and applications.

Users have a single platform for “full stack analytics,” seamlessly executing all levels of data processing: Extraction, Transformation, and Loading (ETL); Querying, Processing, Visualization and Dissemination. Composable Enterprise acts as the underlying “glueware,” providing the necessary integration across the modern data environment, as well as the “presentation layer,” providing an operational analytics workbench on top of the environment. Composable Enterprise integrates across the enterprise data lake for storage and compute, and marshalls data in and out of relational databases, NoSQL databases, high-performance data stores, cloud warehouses, analytic frameworks using a variety of coding languages (Python, R, SAS, MATLAB, Julia, …).

Several operational benefits of Composable Enterprise include:

• Repeatable Ingestion Patterns
Robust and fault tolerant enterprise-grade platform built for bringing together disparate datasets, disseminating results, and producing data feeds/services.

• A true Data Catalog, serves as a “Marketplace” for both Data and Analytics
Data, as well as Analytics, can now be shared, executed and cloned by others within an organization or across organizations.

• Infrastructure agnostic, with minimal deployment costs
No monolithic data model or warehouse required; data lake ready.

• Analytics as operational capabilities
Infinitely configurable, continuous analytics that is pluggable, agile and extensible; centralized management with full audit trails.