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Composable Analytics partners with Cloudera

Composable Analytics, Inc., a global technology company that builds innovative DataOps products and solutions, recently announced that it has entered a partnership with Cloudera to deploy an integrated modern big data solution for the enterprise, ensuring that clients generate even more business value from their big data platforms.

About Composable Analytics

Composable Analytics, Inc. builds software that enables enterprises to rapidly adopt a modern data strategy and robustly manage unlimited amounts of data. Composable Enterprise, a full-stack analytics platform with built-in services for data orchestration, automation and analytics, accelerates data engineering, preparation and analysis. Built with a composable architecture that enables abstraction and integration of any software or analytical approach, Composable Enterprise serves as a coherent analytics ecosystem for business users that want to architect data intelligence solutions that leverage disparate data sources, live feeds, and event data regardless of the amount, format or structure of the data. Composable Analytics, Inc. is a rapidly growing data intelligence start-up founded by a team of MIT technologists and entrepreneurs.