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Composable Analytics | Intelligent DataOps. Enterprise AI.

Intelligent DataOps. Enterprise AI.

Machine-learning composable data pipelines powering operational and business intelligence.

The Future of Business Is Composable

New reports by Gartner highlight why organizations must follow the principles of composable business modularity, autonomy, orchestration and discovery.

Composable Data Operations at Scale​

Composable DataOps Platform

Architect data intelligence solutions and deliver operational data-driven products

Data-driven applications built on Composable have fundamentally changed decision making processes across our organization

Adaptive Marketing

Composable DataOps Platform enables new cross-sales channels by connecting disparate data sources, performing advanced analytics to convert in-bound customer service calls.

Composable DataOps to Unlock Hidden Data

AI Data Capture

Composable DataOps Platform, used for high-volume document processing, extracts hidden data in scanned documents used for scoring customers and drive addressable marketing.

Composable DataOps for Cross-Sale Marketing

Customer 360

Composable DataOps Platform increases the operating efficiency of the customer call center by serving as a comprehensive platform for data collection and actionable analytics.

Trusted by Global Enterprises​

Intelligent DataOps enabling Enterprise AI and creating true business value

Gartner selects Composable as DataOps Cool Vendor

Gartner selected Composable as a Cool Vendor in DataOps in their October 2020 report.

A New Discovery Platform, providing true data-driven information and decision support for global precious mineral exploration and operations.
Quantum Discoveries
Energy, Oil & Gas
Automated cyber-defense through the collection, curation and exploration of high volume, high variety and high throughput sensor feeds and event data.
Healthcare & Cybersecurity
Information and application management system to collaboratively explore complex, information-based problems across agency and jurisdictional bounds.
US Army
Defense & Security
The industry’s leading intelligent dataops platform​

Comprehensive Framework for DataOps​

Composable is the only DataOps platform that provides a wholistic, end-to-end solution for managing data-intensive applications.

The platform enables a sophisticated data strategy for business applications ​that must meet a continuously-evolving, complex set of business requirements.

Enterprise Data Management

Enterprise-grade, modern data integration and operations platform.

Distributed Data Virtualization

DataOps middleware for real-time integration of data, services and systems.

Coherent Data Science Platform

Data-driven products with operational AI and ML.

Rapid Application Development

Low-code development and robotic process automation.


Composable DataFlows

Stream processing and event-driven automated data pipelines

Composable QueryViews

Interactive, distributed query service for just-in-time, interactive big data analytics

Composable WebApps

Composable app framework for dynamic data-intensive web applications

Composable DataCatalogs

Enterprise-wide business metadata catalog for self-service data discovery and management

Composable DataLabs

Shared, multi-user cloud notebook service, fully managed, customizable and scalable

Composable EntityHub

AI-powered Master Data Management solution

Composable DataRepositories

Repository service to manage individual data sources, visualize relationships, and explore the data

Composable DataPortals

Rapid application development through the creation and definition of the data model, logic layer and application interface

Composable DashBoards

Interactive Dashboards and live visualizations of data and resulting analysis


Operationalizing Data Integration

Achieve enterprise-scale data agility.

Operationalizing Data Analytics

Achieve self-service, just-in-time analytics.

Operationalizing Process Automation

Deploy effective, enterprise-wide robotic and cognitive process automation.

Launch in the Cloud

Transform your enterprise into a digital leader in minutes, powered by scalable, secure DataOps in the cloud

Enterprise Scale DataOps and AI

A complete and coherent visual analytics ecosystem, with a modern, intuitive dataflow designer, built-in services to facilitate data engineering, and a composable architecture that enables abstraction and integration of any software or analytical approach.

Master Data Management

Machine-learning approach to curating all enterprise data.

Infinite Data Connectivity

Integration across numerous data stores, cloud services, and applications.


Maintainable modular capabilities for the enterprise that are robust and reliable.


Coherent and cohesive ecosystem for self-service, just-in-time analytics.

Low-Code Development

Complete data-driven Web App development, with full-stack integration – all with low code!

Data Security

Policy-based security and access controls for end-to-end data audit, authentication and protection.

Truly Intelligent DataOps​

Composable is built with intelligent methods and tools that either fully automate or intelligently augment user actions when building data-driven applications.


Automatically build out the data model, supporting web and business layers, and user interfaces


Augment and recommend the best methods as you visually design dataflows


Machine Learning-driven Master Data Management and Entity Resolution

Proven Track Record

Intelligent DataOps applied across all sectors​


Harness the Power of Big Data

Digital-centric, market leaders understand that Intelligent DataOps is needed to effectively leverage massive amounts of data

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Digital Transformation Made Easy

Rapid deployment of data-driven products across the enterprise, utilizing cutting-edge compute and storage infrastructure, tools and techniques, with minimal technology burden